Reasons for Starting a Travel Blog

Do you love to travel? Do you love to write? How about tax deductions for doing something you enjoy? Would you like submitting those to the IRS. Combining the three in a travel blog is one way of achieving all three. What do you enjoy doing and writing about that you could turn into an on-line income stream?

Setting Up Your Blog

Blogs, an on-line journal, are easy to set up. I’ve done it before although I haven’t kept to it for any length of time. The primary reason being that I not only want to write, I’d like to make some income while I write. There are a number of programs out there that give you step-by-step instructions on how to blog in such a way as to get income. Just do an internet search and you’ll find a number of them.

What’s your topic going to be? For instance, if you want to develop an income stream, you want a focused blog that will attract readers and have opportunities for affiliate or pay-per-click income. The readers will get to the blog, be interested in the products or services listed and click on the link. If you get paid because they click, then you’ve accomplished your goal. If you receive affiliate income (a commission) then the reader has to do more than click, but whether or not they buy is beyond your control.

Your blog will have several sections. You can get your own URL and hosting company. You don’t need these to get it set up, but this gives you full control over it. “Free” sites put in their own advertising and they get the income. This is why you want your own URL and hosting company.

You can set up a few pages to start your on-line journal. For instance, in a travel on-line journal, sections on food, housing, various attractions and your experiences traveling will be great additions. As you work on your blog you might add other sections. These are the “static” pages that might not change often… just give a taste of what people can look forward to. Then there are you on-line journal pages. This is where you add your thoughts.

An Income Stream with Deductions

Are you committed to turning what you love into an avenue for making money? For instance, travel doesn’t have to be just a hobby. Neither does making model cars, motorcycle riding, knitting or anything else. If you make it into a business, your expenses are deductible. You might want to join a trade association for your niche to demonstrate your commitment to your new venture. You have a few years to work at it to make a profit so it stays in the business category and not the hobby category (which is not deductible)

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